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Our Mission


Stonegate Community Health Centre works with the community to improve its well-being.  Together we identify and respond to individual and community concerns by providing meaningful health and social programs and services.


We envision an actively engaged neighbourhood that respects diversity, encourages community-based leadership, and strives to achieve its full potential.

Guiding Principles

  1. We believe that the programs and services should be accessible to all residents of the community.

  2. We recognize that our community is impacted by systemic barriers to health and are committed to make special efforts to encourage the participation of individuals and groups facing these barriers and to challenge these systemic barriers. 

  3. We believe that the Centre should address-through both individual and population-based approaches-the social and environmental conditions that affect the physical, spiritual, emotional, economic and social well-being of our community. 

  4. We believe that the Centre should endeavour to build the capacity of individuals and the community so that they can take control over their own well-being. 

  5. We believe that individuals should be active participants in health and social programs and services, and that professionals should act primarily in a supportive and educative function.  

  6. We believe that all of the Centre’s work must be compassionate, fair, and respectful of the diversity of our community residents.  

  7. We believe that the Centre is accountable to its community and will engage the community in planning.