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Becoming a Client at Stonegate CHC


Our Intake Process is designed to:

  • Respond quickly to requests for service
  • Look at the full range of needs of the individual or family seeking service
  • Ensure that those facing the greatest barriers to accessing health care are given priority
  • Offer our full range of services as quickly as possible
  • Offer referrals to other resources

Step One

Fill out a form.  Drop by and pick up a form or click here to complete our New Client Registration Form

Step Two

Meet with our Intake Worker.  Once you drop off your form and we verify that you live in our service area (PDF document), you will be called to set up an intake appointment.  During the intake appointment, the Intake Worker will meet with you and/or your family to gather more information about you and the services you may be interested in.  The Intake Worker will tell you about all of the services available at Stonegate CHC and refer you to other services in the community if we don’t have what you are looking for.

Step Three

The Intake Worker will set up appointments or help you register in programs at Stonegate CHC.  If the service you request is not available immediately, the Intake Worker will put your name on a waiting list and be in touch with you about how long the wait for service may be.  The Intake Worker will provide you with information on accessing other places (such as Walk-In Clinics) where you can get service while you wait.  When the service you request is available, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment.

Our Waiting List

Although some of our programs and services at Stonegate CHC can be accessed almost immediately, for some services there is a waiting list.  To become a patient of our Family Practice, there is almost always a wait time from 1 month to 1 year.  Our waiting list is designed to ensure that that those facing the greatest barriers to accessing health care are given priority.

Service Area

To be eligible to become a patient of our Family Practice, you must live within the area bounded by the Humber River to the east, the Queen Elizabeth Way to the south, Kipling Avenue to the west and Eglinton Avenue to the North.

What if I don’t have OHIP?

As a Community Health Centre all our health services are free even if you don't have insurance coverage. Please note that services are not available to individuals in Canada on Vistors' VISA or a Student VISA.  Please contact us for more details. 

Client Rights & Responsibilities

Please click on the following to learn more about client rights & responsibilities at Stonegate CHC.