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What is Stonegate CHC?

Stonegate CHC is a not-for-profit, charitable organization funded by the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network that provides primary healthcare, health promotion and community-based programs for residents of the Stonegate-Park Lawn neighbourhood of south-east Etobicoke.

What types of staff and professionals provide services at Stonegate CHC?

The multi-disciplinary team at Stonegate CHC includes family doctors, nurse practitioners, a registered nurse, a regsitered practical nurse, a dietitian, social workers/counsellors, a chiropodist, community health workers, an asthma educator, medical secretaries, a housing worker, children & youth program staff, Early Years program staff and various management and administrative staff. 

Is Stonegate CHC a walk-in medical clinic?

No. Stonegate CHC is not a walk-in clinic and does not provide emergency or ambulatory health services. Primary health care is only provided for registered clients. While primary care is only available for registered clients, a variety of health promotion, health education and community-based programs and services are available to the community at-large.

How can I become a client at Stonegate CHC?

Stonegate CHC is committed to ensuring that individuals and families that face the greatest barriers to accessing health care are given priority in accessing the programs and services they need. Please drop-in and complete the Request for Services form and the intake worker will meet with you and your family to gather more information. The intake worker will tell you about the programs and services available and refer you to those you said you needed. Although we may not be able to provide you with all the services you have requested right away, we will try our best to offer you other resources while you wait.

What types of health promotion, health education and community-based programs and services does Stonegate CHC offer?

Stonegate CHC offers a variety of health promotion, health education and community-based programs and services. There are seniors groups offering social-recreational programs, after-school programs for children and youth, drop-in programs for parents/caregivers with young children, cooking workshops, community gardens, women's wellness programs, a good food box, income tax clinics, as well as regularly scheduled workshops and information sessions on a variety of health and wellness topics, just to name a few. You do not need to be a registered client to participate in health education, health promotion and community-based programs.

Do I have to pay for services at Stonegate CHC?

All programs and services are currently being offered free of charge.

Who runs Stonegate CHC?

Stonegate CHC is an incorporated, not-for-profit charitable organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Directors are elected by members of the Stonegate Community Association and comprise, clients, program particpants, and local community leaders and volunteers.

What makes Stonegate CHC different from other medical centres or clinics?

Stonegate CHC views your health care needs in an individual, family and community context. All our programs and services, including primary health care are delivered using a health promotion framework. This means we focus on addressing the underlying social determinants of health, including:

  • Poverty, income and social status
  • Education & literacy
  • Equity
  • Employment & working conditions
  • Housing
  • Social support and isolation
  • Personal health practices and coping skills

Another key difference is that Stonegate CHC does not bill OHIP for any of the programs or services available, including primary care. All staff, including our family physicians are salaried employees and this model encourages a multi-disciplinary approach resulting in more comprehensive care based on your individual health needs and on the health and social needs and issues evident in your community.

Are there other CHC's around?

There are 74 CHC's in operation acorss Ontario. The City of Toronto is home to more than 25 Community Health Centres and their satellites.

Where do CHC's fit within Ontario's healthcare system?

CHC's are a small but very important part of the way health care is delivered and provided in Ontario. CHC's are critical in providing essential services in many isolated, rural and at-risk communities and often the only organizations that offer services aimed at promoting individual and community ownership over health.

My family and  I don't speak or understand English very well. Can Stonegate CHC help us?

Yes. Stonegate CHC responds to the needs of its community in a culturally sensitive and respectful manner. We strive to offer programs and services in the languages spoken by clients and community members; we try to hire staff that are reflective of the community we serve and use trained interpreters when appropriate.

As a newcomer or refugee, I do not have Ontario Health Insurance coverage (OHIP) yet. Can Stonegate CHC help me?

Yes, CHC's provide services and support to non-insured community members. Please call us to find out how we can help.

I already have a family doctor but need help with a housing problem. Can Stonegate CHC help?

Yes, we have a housing worker on staff that can help with housing and related issues. We can also help you connect with other agencies or community organizations that can help you with your problems if we can't.

I'm a client and would like to make a complaint. Who can I talk to?

Stonegate CHC supports a client's right to complain about their experience related to any aspect of their care or participation with which they are not satisfied. Client's may approach any staff member with a complaint as all staff members are familiar with the complaint procedure. To view our Client Complaints Procedures and guidelines, click here.