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Our Service Philosophy


The Stonegate Community Health Centre provides high quality health and social services in a welcoming and safe space. We envision a healthy, active and inclusive community where physical, mental and social well-being is achieved. We encourage clients to join us in our efforts to build a healthy community and believe in our clients’ and communities’ right to play an active role in shaping what services we offer and how they are delivered.

Stonegate CHC provides holistic care for individuals, families and the community with a range of programs, services and initiatives that support community capacity building, health promotion and primary health care with an interprofessional team.

Our Service Delivery Philosophy is based on the following core values and beliefs. We believe:

  • in a holistic approach to health care which maximizes the quality of life as perceived by the client;
  • in delivering services in a way that maximizes equitable access and health outcomes for our clients;
  • in developing individualized services that respect the unique personal history, strengths, culture, values, beliefs, needs, preferences and goals of the client;
  • in the value of the interprofessional team to provide a holistic and coordinated approach to care that addresses the social support, emotional needs, and physical needs of the client;
  • that we need to understand each individual in the whole context of their family, social support and community belonging;
  • that our clients deserve high quality services and care. The Centre will promote excellence in all programs and services with a commitment to continuous quality improvement;
  • that the client should be actively involved in decisions that affect their health care and be provided with information to make choices that will best meet their needs, including the right to refuse or discontinue that service;
  • a person receiving service has the right to have their personal health information kept confidential according to the law;
  • that clients should be respected and supported when exercising their rights.