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COVID Emergency Relief Fund


GFBoxAt Stonegate CHC we continue to offer all of our essential primary healthcare services, mental health counselling, nutrition counselling and are finding many new ways to deliver our programming that keep us connected to our community over the phone and with an increasing number of programs that we are live-streaming. We are here for our community. We need to maintain physical distance but are committed to social connection. Our whole team is on the phone, reaching out because we know we are Better Together.


Access to healthy food should not contribute to problems posed by COVID-19.   Stonegate CHC is partnering with FoodShare to coordinate, purchase and deliver boxes of healthy and nutritious produce to those who have self-identified as being in need of emergency food assistance in our community. FoodShare is a leader in Toronto's Food Security and Urban Agriculture sector. They provide innovative programming initiatives and have deep impact across the city. They will be safely delivering boxes to Stonegate CHC clients that are in need of assistance.

Aside from the cost of food, the cost of medication is something we know will be quite difficult for many community members. People who have multiple chronic conditions are at greater risk of a poor outcome with Covid-19. The better controlled their chronic conditions, the better the chance of a positive outcome if they become infected. Many of our clients have no insurance that can assist them in covering the cost of the medications. If they are forced to choose between the cost of food or the cost of medications, their conditions could deteriorate without the medication they need. We want to ensure our clients aren’t needing to go to the emergency department if their conditions are worsening due to the lack of medication. If our clients inform us that they will stop their medications in order to afford food for their family, we want to be able to help.

If you are able to assist us, donations are very much appreciated.  To make a donation to our relief fund, please click on the donate now link. 

Thank you for your generosity.

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