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New Rehab Program for those with Arthritis

GLA:D Good Living with Arthritis Denmark (GLA:D®) an 8 week rehabilitation program for people with Hip or Knee arthritis. This program helps individuals to manage the symptoms of hip or knee osteoarthritis (OA).  The program is being made available free of charge.  The GLA:D program has been shown to help people with hip and knee OA reduce pain and stiffness and become more physical activity.  The GLA:D® program includes:

- 12 exercise sessions:  2 times per week for 6 weeks; GROUP exercise sessions with up to 8 people, to be completed within 8 weeks
- 2 education sessions:  1.5 hours each 

When you have hip or knee OA, the muscles around the joint can become weak and cause changes to the position of the joint. This can be part of the reason you have pain and difficulty moving. The GLAD program teaches you how to control your movements to make your muscles stronger and reduce stress on the joint. Research has shown that 12 sessions over 6 weeks is needed to make lasting changes to your muscles, movement, pain and function.

Call 416-231-7070 to book a GLA:D assessment at Stonegate CHC or 416-604-6264 at The Four Villages.