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Stonegate CHC Programs

Hello Everyone,

At Stonegate CHC we wanted to recognize the importance of programs for the community. Throughout the pandemic we have continued to keep our doors open to deliver essential services to the most vulnerable members of our community. We have also continued to provide outdoor, virtual programs and responded to the food security issues in our community.

We are using a risk assessment tool to determine which programs we can safely return to in person, with limited capacity, based on the most critical health needs first, and on the various program rooms in the centre. As a community health centre the health and safety of our clients, staff, students and community are of great importance. We serve clients at higher risk of severe illness or health outcomes from COVID-19, such as people who are older, pregnant or with chronic medical conditions.

We acknowledge that the Ontario government has lifted mask mandates and restrictions in some settings. However, the province has extended the mandatory mask mandate for community primary health care until June 11th, 2022, which includes Stonegate, and has indicated that each business and organization has the discretion to keep their own policies and requirements in place.

It is our goal to gradually increase the resumption of indoor and outdoor programs as it is safe to do so in our setting. We are meeting with team members to determine the logistics with respect to which programs can continue to safely return based on the results of the risk assessment tool, timing of programs throughout the day/week, and capacity.

We have heard from many of you how important these programs are.

Thank you for you on-going patience as we get through these challenges together.

Stonegate CHC Management