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COVID - 19

Stonegate CHC is following daily updates from the Ministry of Health about the COVID-19 virus.  At this point, since we are not seeing community transmission of the virus, we will continue with all of our group programs.  If you are sick in any way, do not come to programs, stay home.  You will be asked if you have a fever or cough when you arrive for a group or a program and asked to sanitize your hands.  If you are sick and need an appointment, call to book one.  They will ask you about any travel or symptoms before booking an appointment.  If you have travelled to any affected areas and have…

Elevator on Thursday, February 13th

The elevator at Stonegate CHC will be under repair Thursday, February 13th from 6:30 am - 9:30 am. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Community Health Centres in Action

The Canadian Association of Community Health Centres has prepared some materials that do a great job of explaining what Community Health Centres are and what their role is in supporting Healthy People and Healthy Communities.

Take a look at this video that shows Community Health Centres in action: 

Seniors Dental Program at Stonegate CHC

Toronto Public Health is working with the Ministry of Health and local partners to provide dental care for eligible seniors through the new Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program (OSDCP).
The Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program is a Provincially funded dental care program that provides dental services for eligible low-income seniors who are 65 years of age or older. To learn more about this program and how to apply, visit
If you have…

Stonegate CHC Learning Through Play Closed on November 29th

Important Information Regarding Programs & OHIP Cards


An OHIP card reader has been installed at program reception. We ask that each time you attend an appointment or registered program that you present your OHIP card.

Each person that attends a registered program will have a chart on our database. When you attend program or a scheduled appointment and your OHIP card is swiped on the card reader, it will be documented in your chart that you are participating in Stonegate CHC Health Promotion Programs. The process is similar to when you see your physician.


Why do we want…

Learning Through Play Drop-In closed on Friday, November 15th and 29th

Stonegate CHC Learning Through Play Drop-In Will be CLOSED on Friday November 15, 2019 and Friday November 29, 2019. 

Thank you for understanding and sorry for any inconveniences.

Flu Vaccine at Stonegate CHC

NurseThe vaccine has arrived!   Book an appointment with one of our nurses to get your vaccine.   

We have a stronger vaccine for seniors compared to what you can get at a pharmacy.  So come here for your vaccine!

We recommend the flu shot for everyone 6 months old and older.  Kids get the flu most often and kids under 5 are at the greatest risk of complications.

Learning Through Play Drop-In closed on October 4th, 2019

Learning Through Play Closed on Friday, October 4th

Social Prescribing in Ontario

Congratulations to the Alliance for Healthier Communities for winning an International Award for all the work they have been doing on Social Prescribing. The  Rx: Community – Social Prescribing in Ontario has received the inaugural International Award at the International Social Prescribing Network Conference in London, England this past summer.  Stonegate CHC is part of the RX: Community –Social Prescribing in Ontario participating in…