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Pre and Post Natal Programs

Mothers-to-be and their partners can participate in child birth classes and a weekly pre natal nutrition program.  Our pre-natal nutrition program provides mothers-to-be with support and health information, aimed at encouraging healthy pregnancies and reducing the risk of low birth weights.  Post-natal programs offer parenting information, breastfeeding support, and encourage healthy eating for women in the first year of their baby’s life.

“When I went to the Eating for Two program I had a lot of questions concerning my baby, about my baby's development and every time I asked questions, the Early Years Nurse can answer my questions and it's so helpful because I don't have family here and I'm all alone -- it's hard. So it's really the first source of information and help for me.”  - Lilik

Stonegate CHC, in partnership with other community agencies, provide additional community resources for young families and their newborns. Programs include:

The Eating for Two Prenatal Nutrition Program

The Eating for Two Prenatal Nutrition Program  is designed to encourage healthy pregnancies and reduce the risk of low birth weight babies among pregnant women and teenagers living on low incomes. The program also supports women who have limited social support and who may be new to Canada. Eating for Two has six sites located throughout Etobicoke, two sites serving the teen population.  For more information or to register, please call 416-898-1225 or visit the Etobicoke Pre & Post Natal Nutrition Project.


The Feeding with Love Postnatal Nutrition Program

The Feeding With Love Postnatal Nutrition Program is designed to encourage healthy eating for women and their babies living on low incomes. This program provides a continuum of care for women and their children up to twelve months. Etobicoke has four sites located throughout Etobicoke, one site specifically serving the teen population. For more information or to register, please call 416-898-1225 or visit the Etobicoke Pre & Post Natal Nutrition Project.

Mother and baby


Prenatal Classes

Our primary health and health promotion teams work in partnership to provide a broad range of programs and services  for all ages. The programs and services offered provide  interactive experiences and resources that help individuals and communities maintain and improve their health and well being. For more information about the program, please contact 416.231.7070 ext. 243.