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Good Food Box


If you are interested in receiving quality produce at an affordable price, supporting local farmers, and enjoying a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, then the Good Food Box program is for you!

The Good Food Box (GFB) is a non-profit fresh fruit and vegetable distribution system created and operated by FoodShare. The GFB runs like a large buying club with centralized buying and coordination. Individuals place orders for boxes with volunteer coordinators in their neighbourhood and receive a box brimming with fresh, tasty produce.

Customers benefit Good Food Boxfrom the cost savings of bulk buying and time saved by this distribution method. Produce is touched by fewer hands, gets to them faster, and costs less. This means purchasing high quality, fresh food is within reach of many more people than the regular retail system.

Every Good Food Box is filled with top-quality fruits and vegetables from local farmers and the Ontario Food Terminal. Each box contains the same mixture of produce, though the contents change with each delivery depending on what is in season and reasonably priced at the time. Customers pay between $15 and $38 depending on the box type they choose to purchase.

Stonegate CHC coordinates bi-weekly GFB deliveries at the Health Centre. For every 10 orders that we receive, FoodShare Toronto will give us one free box that we give to a community member in need.

We accept orders on an ongoing basis and community members are welcome to participate. For more infromation on orders & payment calendar, please check our online calendar.  For more information about the Good Food Box program at Stonegate CHC, please call 416.231.7070 ext. 239.


Good Food Box Holiday Drive 

Good Food Box Poster

For a decade, Stonegate CHC has held an annual fundraiser in November and December to collect funds to purchase Good Food Boxes. The boxes are given to Stonegate residents living with food insecurity and hunger issues during the Holiday season. This year, due to COVID-19, our centre intends to continue giving boxes to community members in need throughout the pandemic.

A donation of $22 buys one Good Food Box for a family in need. A $50 gift purchases boxes for two families. Five families benefit from a $100 donation. While a $250 donation gives 12 families fresh produce

For more information about the fundraiser, please contact Julia Graham at 416.231.7070 ext. 229. 


Canada Helps GFB Holiday Drive Donation Page