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Important Information Regarding Programs & OHIP Cards


An OHIP card reader has been installed at program reception. We ask that each time you attend an appointment or registered program that you present your OHIP card.

Each person that attends a registered program will have a chart on our database. When you attend program or a scheduled appointment and your OHIP card is swiped on the card reader, it will be documented in your chart that you are participating in Stonegate CHC Health Promotion Programs. The process is similar to when you see your physician.


Why do we want to swipe your OHIP card for programs?

Community Health Centre’s receive funding from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to deliver programs and services. By having a record of your attendance in program we can demonstrate the need and benefit to our funders that the health promotion programs implemented in the CHC have a positive impact on individuals and the community. This will enable us to continue to receive funding for current programs and to seek funding to expand the programs we provide you. 

This is part of the Count Every One We Can initiative to demonstrate the positive impact of programs provided at the CHC.  If a participant does not have an OHIP card or has forgotten theirs, they will still be included in program.

If you have any questions regarding this process please feel free to speak to us.

 Thank you